The Buddha's Middle Way to Knwledge

As a child I become confused between the teachings of science through Einstein and the world of spirituality through Buddha.  Which role model was I to follow?  Thus, began my life’s path to gain the knowledge of science while understanding the wisdom of Buddha and finding the way to bridge the two.  This writing is designed to help understand that gap and design a way to close it.


I felt a great surge of joy and delight, when I received a very heavy 'Children's Book of Knowledge' as a birthday gift when I turned 10 years old. This book sparked many curiosities and questions within me. I had a dilemma between who to choose as my role model for my life-long learning education and knowledge, should it be Einstein as the leading scientist of modern time or the Enlightened Buddha, of the the ancient times? Which mode of observation would close this gap in knowledge between the more solid external material world of senses and the ever changing inner subjective world of feeling, perception, impulses, memory and consciousness? Somehow I knew, ignorance is the cause of all human suffering.

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